Macro Photo Monday: Worm Leaf Stonecrop

Macro Photo Worm Leaf Stonecrop Sedum stenopetalum

Worm Leaf Stonecrop (Sedum stenopetalum) on Schweitzer Mountain, July 2012. ISO 80, f/4.0, 6mm focal length, shutter speed 1/250 sec.


Mondays can be so hum-drum, can’t they? Back to work, back to school, back to real life. Β That’s why I’ve decided to introduce … Macro Photo Mondays! Every Monday I’ll post a beautiful macro photo of a wildflower (or occasionally some other type of plant) for all of us to look forward to. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss one! You can also subscribe for updates at the top of the purple sidebar to the right.

Today’s macro photo is of what I’m relatively sure is Worm Leaf Stonecrop (Sedum stenopetalum). But as usual, don’t take my wildflower classifications as 100% guaranteed.

I took this photo in July on the Schweitzer Mountain Nature Trail near Sandpoint, Idaho. See some of the other macro photos I took that day here.

As always, I used my Canon G12 with the Raynox DCR-250 macro lens.

Stonecrops, or Sedums, are succulents, and you can really tell that from this photo. Each part of the plant seems to be holding in water. It has that, well, succulent look to it. I also like the pretty, star-like quality of the flowers themselves. Ten points to whoever can find the bee (or whatever type of pollinator it is). Hope you enjoy it!

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