Macro Photo Monday: Mystery Wildflower from Schweitzer Mountain

Macro Photo Mystery Wildflower

Mystery Wildflower on Schweitzer Mountain, July 2012. ISO 80, f/4.0, 6mm focal length, shutter speed 1/250 sec.


It’s time for … Macro Photo Monday!

Ever since Decoder Man and I took our wedding anniversary trip to Sandpoint, Idaho, in July, I’ve been sharing the macro photos I took on the Schweitzer Mountain Nature Hike. Click on the Schweitzer Mountain tag at the bottom of this post to make sure you didn’t miss any!

This macro photo is the last from the set I took that day, and the most perplexing because I absolutely cannot identify it. I guess it’s kind of understandable, because it’s a fairly non-descript white flower. It’s dainty and delicate looking, and since I’m the one who took the photo, it has the obligatory bug in the center of the largest blossom. I looked at Phlox, Springbeauty (Claytonia), Collomia (Mountain Trumpet) and several members of the Mustard family (Brassicaceae), but still no luck. If any of you can help classify it for me, I’d be overjoyed. Or at least really happy.

As always, I used my Canon G12 with the Raynox DCR-250 macro lens.

It really is a quite pretty little flower, especially when you look at the overall composition with the new buds. I wish I’d taken another picture of it from a different angle, though, with some leaves. Maybe then I could have figured it out. Hopefully it won’t be a mystery for too long. Hope you enjoy it!

Next week I’ll start posting some pictures from our day trip to Silver City, Idaho, in August, so be sure to check back.

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