Macro Photo Monday: Carolina Bugbane

Macro Photo Carolina Bugbane Trautvetteria carolinensis

Carolina Bugbane (Trautvetteria carolinensis) on Schweitzer Mountain, July 2012. ISO 80, f/4.0, 6mm focal length, shutter speed 1/1250 sec.


It’s time for … Macro Photo Monday!

I’ve always been partial to the Carolinas, because my name is Caroline. My mom was born in South Carolina, but my parents tell me that’s not where they got my name. Also, I had at least one relative with the name (Eudocia Caroline, who went by Dodie — not sure why when she had a perfectly wonderful middle name) plus my dad’s middle name is Carroll, but supposedly I’m not named after either of these people, either. I guess it’s going to remain a mystery, unless my mom decides to enlighten us. I’m convinced it was Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” which is one of my favorite songs to this day, but I digress.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this picture I took on the Schweitzer Mountain Nature Trail in July was of Carolina Bugbane (Trautvetteria carolinensis). It’s also called Tassle-rue. (Standard disclaimer: I’m an amateur wildflower photographer, not a botanist. None of my plant classifications are 100% guaranteed.)

As always, I used my Canon G12 with the Raynox DCR-250 macro lens.

I love the spiky white petals of this flower, as well as the green centers. My macro photos wouldn’t be complete without bugs, and this photo has those, too. Note the tiny little red bugs on the top left flower. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • GmaG says:

    You are partly right about all of your guesses regarding the origin of your name. I am partial to the Carolinas since I was born there and I always liked Aunt Dodie’s middle name. Then, of course there was the song “Sweet Caroline” which was very popular right before you were born. All together, how could I resist? Also there may be a slight influence from Dad’s middle name. I do take sole responsibility and am really quite proud of the name and it’s owner.

  • Pony Princess Zelda says:


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